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Working With Children

How do I complete a Working With Children Check (WWCC)?

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a safe and friendly environment for all members of the North Dandenong Junior Football Club, we require all volunteers to undertake a valid working with Children Check. 

The 4 step process for this is simple and is as follows:

1. Complete an online application via www.justice.vic.gov.au/workingwithchildren
  • Applications are free for Volunteers (there is not cost with obtaining a photo)
  • A WWCC is valid for 5 years and is transferable between organisations (ie schools etc)
  • You will receive a receipt to confirm the process is started

2. Provide a copy of your receipt number to the Committee
  • A receipt number is provided when you start the application process 

3. Provide a copy of your Working with Children Card to the Committee once it arrives
  • Either a photo or a photocopy that can be verified by a Committee member

4. The process is now complete and we welcome your much valued assistance!

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